Archie Biggs, Jr.

Founding Partner–President

Prior to co-creating the National Association of Solution Providers and Channel Partners (NASC) with Mr. Waller, Archie Biggs, Jr. spent more than 35 years in various businesses, including the IT and related technologies industries. Biggs’ primary IT expertise stems from having served as Owner and CEO of a successful computer retailer and on-site service provider. His diverse experience also includes serving as franchisor of a multi-state computer retail business, founder of one of the first video rental outlets in the Metro-Detroit area, and successfully operating several other businesses.

In 1988, Biggs was recognized as one of the largest Commodore dealers in the world. In the late 1980’s, his customer base grew to more than 125,000 including over 20,000 international accounts. At that time, Biggs also helped form a buying group consisting of the largest computer dealers of the pre-Internet era.

Today, Biggs recognizes an emerging opportunity for thousands of small-to-medium sized technology-based professionals. By joining a large community of related professionals through the NASC, each member gains access to resources they can use to establish their own strong and profitable personal business community. According to Biggs, businesses must integrate community-based tools and resources to maintain profitability.


Jack K Waller, J.D.

Founding Partner–Vice President

Mr. Waller received a Bachelor of Science Degree, with an Education Specialty, from Central Michigan University. He went on to earn his Juris Doctor Degree from Michigan State University, College of Law. For the past 30 years, Waller has dedicated his career to working with numerous trade associations and independent business groups as a consultant, educator, productivity counselor, ethicist, and expert on policies, procedures, and alternative dispute resolution.

The NASC is the perfect platform for Waller’s wide-ranging expertise, especially as it is applied to association architecture and operation. He recognizes how important it is for every industry to raise both the public’s perception of its value and the professionalism of its members. By co-founding the NASC with Biggs, Waller brings this important focus to the betterment of all technology-related industries.

The NASC and its Members are fortunate to have the talents and drive of Mr. Waller. He is the perfect complement to the resources Mr. Biggs brings to the NASC. Those organizations fortunate enough to work with him not only produce at higher levels, but also gain a deeper understanding of how to improve the personal lives of everyone who is connected to them.