Are you a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT)? Are you looking for
classroom opportunities to work with students who are eager to learn?
Then, it’s time to showcase your talents through the NASC
MCT classroom opportunities are available in the Metro-Detroit Area
Expand your audience and become a key part of IT and related-technology solutions
Promote your services as a certified instructor to a growing group of technology professionals

The National Association of Solution Providers and Channel Partners (NASC) invites your participation in the “next generation” technology association. The NASC is unique because it serves nearly all technology professionals, from the small independent IT contractor, to the large multinational company. Members include traditional IT contractors and companies as well as related technology industries such as office automation, telephony, home theater, web design, alarm systems, and cabling just to name a few.


The NASC is looking for talented and experienced instructors like yourself who are interested in delivering Microsoft Certified Training courses in the Metro-Detroit Area. All instructors must have the Microsoft Certification that will be taught as well as demonstrated proficiency with each application (as determined at time of interview). All training opportunities with the NASC will be on a contract (i.e., class-by-class) basis. The NASC sets the highest industry standards for its programs and services, and backs it up with a unique and comprehensive Code of Ethics. All contract instructors are expected to hold membership in the NASC so they can further our ethical objectives in the classroom. Your involvement with the NASC as a contract instructor will also give you access to the following:

• > Video applications: On the NASC Member Resources page, Members can post short videos on subjects such as (1) Promotion of you or your business, (2) Service and product demonstrations, or (3) Educational, “how-to” downloads for other Members to utilize.

• > Social media and networking: Participate on NASC “Member Connections” to keep Members informed and updated about your services or products.

• > Sales opportunities: Use NASC “Member Classifieds” and our upcoming store portal to promote and market your business along with its services, programs, and products.

• > Technical advice: Position yourself as a reliable technical advisor on the NASC “Member Tech Forum.” Show Members how your services and products can be part of their client’s solution.


Interested? Just send your resume and interview request to the email address listed at the bottom of this site.