Both Full Member and Basic Member status in the NASC allows you to join our Global Technology Community. Full Member status, however, provides greater access to information, greater visibility to potential  consumers, and greater confidence when fellow Members and consumers research you and your company on the NASC website. Further, Full Member status allows you to obtain and use the Designated Solution Pro (DSP) Designation. The DSP Designation is only available to individuals who join the NASC Global Community of Technology Professionals and fulfill all requirements for membership as a Full Member (as distinguished from a Basic Member).

The “Consumer’s Dilemma”
Consumers understand the importance of conducting research before making a technology purchase or hiring a service expert. Considering the volume of information added to the Internet on a daily basis, it is surprising how challenging it still is for consumers to find the information they need. Decision-making is often left to guess work, relying on the biggest advertisement, or resorting to the only person available to handle the service call.

By joining the NASC Community as a Full Member and becoming a DSP, the technology professional enhances their online presence and visibility to Consumers.

Requirements to become a Designated Solution Pro (DSP)
In addition to joining the NASC as a Full Member, the Member-Candidate must remain in good standing with the Association and agree to uphold the NASC Code of Ethics. The Candidate must also complete a detailed online technical profile as part of the membership process, including references and a full description of his or her business, its products, and/or its services. Consumers and fellow NASC Members who are in the market to hire an expert or make a technology purchase can view these online technical profiles to assist with the decision-making process.

The NASC does not guarantee or certify the products or services of a Full Member/DSP since that is exclusively between the Member and the Consumer. The NASC does require that each Full Member/DSP keep their profile complete, accurate and up-to-date. Transparency and Trust are fundamental to the NASC Global Technology Community.

Is the company or the individual a Member?
Individuals of a company rather than the company itself may become a Member of the NASC. There is no limit on the number of individuals employed by a technology-based company who may become an NASC Member. In fact, the NASC recommends that all company employees who interact with clients and consumers become Full Members and obtain their DSP Designation. This allows consumers to fully research everyone associated with the company before the consumer makes a purchase or hiring decision.

Company employees may also join as Basic Members, however, they are not allowed to use the DSP Designation (regardless if other employees in the company have joined as a Full Member–DSP).

Joining the NASC as a Full Member is now possible at no cost (for a limited time)!