Building a Community on Principles of
Competence Responsibility Trustworthiness

NASC Members participate in a global community of professionals who subscribe to high ethical business standards. A Code of Ethics is a Promise of Professionalism to consumers. It also fosters innovation, creativity and healthy competition among business professionals. Public respect is critical to every industry and a viable Code of Ethics is key to its establishment.

As a condition of membership, all Members must agree to uphold one of two levels of ethical standards: (1) Code of Ethics or (2) Code of Conduct.

Code of Ethics (Highest level)
The NASC “Code of Ethics” is the technology industry’s most comprehensive set of ethical standards. All NASC Members who have obtained their Designated Solution Pro (DSP) Designation agree to conduct business according to its key principles. The DSP designation, coupled with the Code of Ethics, assures everyone that the Member strives to be competent, responsible and trustworthy. Consumers and other NASC Members know they can do business with a Designated Solution Pro (DSP) in confidence.

Code of Conduct (Basic level)
The NASC “Code of Conduct” is a less comprehensive version of the full Code of Ethics. It consists of an overview of ethical principles to which Basic Members of the NASC agree to conduct their businesses. A Basic Member of the NASC is one who has not fulfilled the requirements for the Designated Solution Pro (DSP) designation. The Code of Conduct provides a basic, yet significant level of assurance that the Basic Member subscribes to essential ethical principles.

☞ Click [here] to view the Code of Ethics – Applicable to Full (DSP) Members

☞ Click [here] to view the Code of Conduct – Applicable to Basic Members