How to Hire the Right Technology Expert

Technology Expert Repairing Laptop
Technology Expert Repairing Laptop

If you ask ten people this, you’re going to get ten different answers, but we’re going to give you our two cents anyway. First of all, it all starts with a concise job description or really what you want to accomplish and what the desired outcome will be. The goal is always to find the perfect technology professional for the Job.


Signs of a Good Technology Professional

I’m pretty sure most of you are already aware of the fact that it’s not always easy to find  a good technology professional and up to now it may actually take you a fair amount of time and effort. At first glance, it might be hard to tell the good technology experts from the bad until the project is underway and you get to see the real traits of the company or individual that you just hired. Now, with the help of the NASC and our Solution Provider Resource directory, that scenario can be a thing of the past. In an effort to further help you with this task, we’ve prepared a list of tell tale signs so you can decide if you’re dealing with a potentially bad choice or if you’ve really found a good one.

Usually both the bad technology professionals and the good ones appear to be very likable and may be able to provide products and services and reasonable prices. The problem is, the bad ones usually can’t follow through with their promises and poor results may follow, if they finish the job at all.

1. Are they willing to show you proof of insurance, licenses if necessary and  recent references of their work (preferably a list of technology jobs similar to what they may be doing for you) in an effort to show the quality of their work?

2. The right technology professional doesn’t look for you to pay for the job before it’s done and possibly only requires a small deposit to begin the work.

3. Uses quality parts and doesn’t try to substitute with lower quality products than may have been discussed or written in the contract.

4. Wants to work with a contract or work order that clearly describes the project and his/her responsibilities.

5. The right technology expert hows up at the job and supervises his team. Available to take care of any issues that may arise.

6. Welcomes questions and concerns you might have, before, during and after the technology project is completed.

7. Provides and sticks to starting date/time for the job as well as finishes the project on time or very close to the agreed upon schedule.

8. A good technology expert provides a warranty for the work performed and stands behind that warranty.

No one has a crystal ball and even the best technology professionals are bound to have an unforeseen problem or event crop up during or after the job is done. It’s the good guys that will work with you to make it right.

Now, with the help of the NASC, you’re just a call or a few clicks away from getting that project started with agreat technology expert. Take a second to look over the various technology articles that we offer on our site, you’ll be glad you did.


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